International Journal of Research In Applied Sciences.

     With this first issue, we are very pleased to announce the launch of the International Journal of Research in Applied Sciences, sponsored by Gandhi Institute for technological advancement (GITA), Bhubaneswar. The International Journal of Research in Applied Sciences (IJRAS) aims to address this need and to be the main international forum for publishing papers on applied sciences and.The journal intends to primarily publish papers from various disciplines illustrating different emerging technologies with real-world applications. The IJRAS will be published bi-monthly. The abstracts of the published papers, and sometimes the full Papers will be available on-line on the journal page of GITA web site: The journal will contain original research papers on the topics listed in “Aims and Scope”. Each paper will be thoroughly reviewed by independent reviewers. Thanks are due to many people who have helped in starting up this new journal. We are particularly grateful to the Management of our institution, who provided us with a lot of support and advice. Further, we are also very much thankful to all our esteemed advisors, who will continue to support us to represent the journal in their research areas. We are sure that their reputation and great expertise in the field will have a significant contribution in shaping up the journal and making IJRAS a prestigious international journal. It is also our great pleasure to welcome the members of the Editorial Board of IJRAS. We rely on their expertise for reviewing and accepting papers to the journal. Therefore their contribution to the journal is invaluable and we are grateful to them for giving freely of their time to review papers for the journal. We hope they will continue to help us in the future. We are convinced that with this unreserved support from such a prominent and large team of researchers, the IJRAS will become one of the most prestigious journals in the general area of applied sciences. We are fortunate to work with this team. Finally, the Editors-in-chief wish to thank the authors who submitted papers to the first issue of IJRAS. Any suggestion on how to improve our activity in order to deliver a better journal to the authors, readers and subscribers of this journal will be always very much appreciated.