International Journal of Research In Applied Sciences.

Vol. 3 Issue 1 (November - December) 2016
Thermal effects on natural frequencies of delaminated composite plates H S Panda, S K PandaDownload/View
A case study on the impact of particulate matter on health Kedar Mohapatra, Chinmayee Dash, Bandita DashDownload/View
A new method for evaluation of fuzzy reliability of multistage interconnection networks Deepak Kumar PandaDownload/View
Comparative performance and emission analysis of a dual fuel diesel engine with and without turbocharger L N Rout, C K Nayak, S K SahooDownload/View
An effective quality inspection system using image processing techniques Santosh Kumar Sahoo, Sarita Mishra, Surya Narayan MohantyDownload/View
An analysis of impact of electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) on service quality of retail stores: a study of Bhubaneswar Subhankar Das, Sharmila PattnaikDownload/View
Horn antenna for ultra wide band application S K Sahu, K Sethi, S K Nayak, G PalaiDownload/View
Improvement of dynamic stability of a power system based on 36 rules of fuzzy logic based power system stabilizerS K Dash, H S Maharana, R N Rout, B D PaikrayDownload/View
Power quality improvement of dg grid interfaced system under nonlinear loading condition Chandra Sekhar Mishra, Ranjan Kumar Jena, Priyadarshni Pradhan, Sujit KhandaiDownload/View